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Great Schools

Terry's parents taught him that a solid education can provide opportunity for children from all backgrounds. As an activist and parent, Terry has experience tackling the complex challenges that our schools face. As a council member, he has demonstrated his dedication to maintaining and enhancing the City's partnership with both the school district and Santa Monica College to protect the City's world-class educational institutions.

As a Councilmember, Terry:

- Extended the City's unique partnership with the school district to a ten-year agreement to prevent teacher layoffs, program cuts, and class-size increases in the face of state budget cuts

- Allocated funds from the City's Propositions Y & YY to maintain the City's commitment to voters to provide quality schools and vital city services, such as police and paramedics

- Supported Save Our Schools with $50,000 in grants and also Grades of Green, whose pilot project at John Muir and SMASH is teaching our children sustainability by example

As a Councilmember, Terry:

- Supported Save Our Schools, allocating $50K to the School District to prevent teacher layoffs, program cuts, and class size increases

- Included an advisory ballot measure to accompany the use tax ballot measure, placing a priority on funding for our schools, as well as other vital city services like police and paramedics

- Continues to work with the School District to find resources to offset cuts in State and Federal education funding

Public Safety

After witnessing a gang-related shooting alongside his pregnant wife, Terry knows first hand how violent crime can infiltrate any one of our neighborhoods. He believes that that local government's first responsibility is to protect the safety of its residents. While the City faces new challenges to balance its budget during these tough economic times, Terry will not sacrifice the City's excellent police, fire or paramedics services.

A Sustainable City

A respected environmental leader internationally and co-founder of several successful green businesses, Terry understands that environmental policy decisions cannot be put on hold. Terry is Executive Director of Environment Now - the foundation that created Santa Monica Baykeeper, Coastkeepers in California, Sequoia Forestkeeper, and Energy Independence Now; past-chair of the board of the Coalition for Clean Air, and cofounder of Waterkeepers in Baja, California. As a Councilmember, Terry brings a long-range green vision to the Council. But more than that, Terry has the expertise to improve our air and water quality, preserve public green spaces and find real solutions to regional traffic problems.

As a Councilmember, Terry:

- Adopted the strictest measure in the State to reduce global warming through model land use standards

- Pressed for a bike path through the Agencies project

- Kept bus fares low to promote public transit trips

- Restored Solar Santa Monica funding

- Updated the storm water ordinance, a model for Low Impact Development, which improves water quality

- Introduced the resolution to oppose Prop 23, The Dirty Energy Proposition

Renters Rights and Affordable Housing

No Councilmember knows better the importance of quality, affordable housing and renters rights. Terry has lived in subsidized housing and understands the role government should play in ensuring that everyone has a decent, safe place to live. As a Councilmember, he uses the experience he got at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the National Low Income Housing Coalition to ensure that every resident has the right to decent, affordable housing. A longtime advocate of Santa Monica's nonprofit housing organization, Community Corporation, Terry believes that public/nonprofit partnerships are critical to creating new, permanent affordable housing opportunities in today's market.

As a Councilmember, Terry:

- Protected renters rights and affordable housing by voting to prevent evictions of Village Trailer Park residents

- Required more affordable housing in the Creative Arts district than was originally proposed

- Added further tenant protections in the upcoming ballot measure extending tenant rights