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Dear Neighbor,

Two years ago, you elected me to the Santa Monica City Council, and since then we have accomplished great things together. With my leadership, the City:

  • Invested in our schools - Signed a ten-year agreement with our schools to stabilize and increase funding for our children;
  • Created good jobs and preserved our neighborhoods - Prioritized historic preservation, economic growth, and economic justice through recent agreements with the City;
  • Began to build a bike infrastructure - Started investing $8 million in new bicycle infrastructure; and won a landmark grant from South Coast Air Quality Management District which will contribute $500,000 to the project; and
  • Secured our water future - Adopted my sustainable water plan to use only local water by 2020.

This is just a beginning. If you re-elect me to a four-year term this November, we will:

  • Develop aggressive traffic controls to make the new light rail benefit our whole city;
  • Further reduce our environmental footprint with a sustainable water plan and solar rooftops;
  • Increase bus ridership by extending low bus fares to more groups of riders;
  • Assure funding for affordable housing and our schools; and
  • Provide the highest quality public safety.

I learned at a young age that strong families with good jobs, living wages, and dignity are the foundation of a strong community. That belief has been reaffirmed during my almost 15 years living in Santa Monica. As a resident, environmental leader, business executive, and parent, I have had the privilege to work side by side with neighbors to save our schools, protect the human-scale quality of our neighborhoods, and make our community safer and greener.

My record is strong, and so is this vision. Please spend some time on this website to learn about me and how you can help the campaign.


P.S. If you have any questions or issues you'd like to discuss, please email me at today@terryoday.com.